Clean Color Concept

The Clean Color ConceptTM brand is a technology in which the raw material for polyester fibre production is spun-dyed before it is produced.

It's about a dyeing process that has many environmental benefits:

  • During the dyeing process, water is completely dispensed with (no water supplies are consumed, no contamination)
  • the final product does not bleed in color during washing
  • Low energy consumption
  • lower CO2 emissions
  • No use of additional chemicals

Additional advantages:

  • Color is more homogeneous and reproducible compared to other methods
  • Products are therefore particularly wash and lightfast and retain their high color brilliance and intense,
    bright colors even after washing

Economical advantages:

  • lower production costs
  • needs no additional dyeing process and can save up to 50% in color
  • shorter production time
  • shorter delivery times

The fibres are available on customer request in all colors.

Application among others in functional clothing, corporate fashion, furniture upholstery and increasingly in the fashion industry.

"We have set the goal of sensitizing end users with this concept to the fact that the dyeing of textiles does not have to be synonymous with polluting baths and chemicals, but that there are alternatives that are both environmentally sustainable and energy-efficient," Stefan Fichter, Sales Manager of Märkische Faser.