Our special fibre GRISUTEN® low-pilling with low pilling property is achieved by a modification in the polymer. It is available as staple fibre and cutting converter tow.

This fibre is suitable for all types of fabric making, for worsted, ring and OE spinning systems, and especially for wool blending.
It has good dye uptake and wash fastness and is also Oekotex certified.

GRISUTEN® low-pilling is also available in FR, UV, antibacterial and combinations.

Below is an overview of our production possibilities:

Fibre fineness 0,9 dtex to 4,4 dtex
Tow fineness 1,9 dtex to 4,4 dtex
Tow strength 80 ktex / 100 ktex
Staple cut length 34 mm to 60 mm
Colour white shiny, white semi matt, black