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GRISUTEN® polyester fibres

Our GRISUTEN® polyester fibre is manufactured in a continuous chemical process based on PTA and MEG. Polymer-dyeing technology, the possibility of inserting additives, special finishing technologies as well as a fiber production line which works independently from the spinning line enable us to produce “specialties” and polyester fibres which are customized according to the clients’ requirements.

Depending on the processing technology and the intended use we are offering a wide range of different types of fibres in order to meet all possible demands of the clients. We can offer the GRISUTEN® fibre different dtex, cutting lengths and with different parameters regarding the textile properties, such as resistance, elongation and hot air shrinkage. We are also developing fibre types together with our clients. In addition to this we manufacture different types of polyester tow for worsted yarn.

Grisuten® polyester fibres

Depending on the type, GRISUTEN® fibres are suitable for all common processing spinning technologies and the manufacturing of non-woven fabrics, whether in 100% or in blending with other fibres.


Application area

top ceiling, interior lining, seat cover and upholstery, hat shelf, convertible soft top, cleading of flexible brake hoses

diapers, panty liners, incontinence liners, wet wipes and towelettes

function wear, uniforms, workwear garment, outerwear

Home textiles
curtains, bed linen, sun blinds, furniture upholstery

Industrial applications
filtration, renovation hoses, construction industry, geotextiles