Märkische Faser GmbH – A reliable partner

European producer with international orientation

In front of the gates of Berlin is the Märkische Faser GmbH, a European polyester fibre producer with a global orientation. Märkische Faser GmbH holds a worldwide unique position in the field of man-made fibres. Innovation, quality and customer service characterize the company philosophy.
Manufacturer of polyester fibres
The basis of the success of Märkische Faser GmbH lies in its ability to combine technology and technology with the best skills and talents of its employees and to use it efficiently.
With a production capacity of approx. 55,000 tons p.a., Märkische Faser GmbH is positioned strategically as well as technologically and geographically to be able to react to the special requirements of the market and to act according to the "just in time" philosophy.

Outstanding products and technical skills are the basis of the company's success and ensure a quick response to changes in the textile industry.
The GRISUTEN® polyester fibres find their wide application spectrum in Germany and in the European textile industry. With sales structures for the supply of globally operating customers the Märkische Faser GmbH is able to meet the highest demands even in distant regions.