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The basis of success of Märkischen Faser GmbH is the ability, engineering and technology with the best skills and talents of its employees to combine and use efficiently. Today at Märkischen fiber GbmH about 55,000 tons / year are produced polyester fibers. In the following a few dates in the history that reflect the experience of Märkischen Faser GmbH in particular in the polyester fiber production.
The following are some dates in the history:
1915 - founding of a gunpowder factory
1919 - initial production of viscose fibres and artificial silk
1920 - production of different chemicals as raw materials for viscose
1942 - development of polyamide fibres
1953 - first test facilities for polyester fibresproduction
1960 - initial production of acrylic fibres
1961 - beginning of the industrial production of polyester fibres
1960 - 1970 sale of production licenses to the United States, Japan and the Soviet Union
1972 -

beginning of he production of polyester fibres with the current technology on the GRISUTEN® 72
1986 - modification and extension of the GRISUTEN® 72 line
1988 -

initial operation of the all-new WOLPRYLA production line, the most modern line for acrylic fibres in Europe at that time
1989 - 2001

process of privatization and restructuring of the company by different investors (Alcor-Chemie, West LB, Toleram)
2000 - the production of acrylic fibres (WOLPRYLA) is ceased
2001 - insolvency of the Märkische Faser stock corporation ( polyester & acrylic)
2002 -

takeover of the polyester branch (today’s Märkische Faser GmbH) by Daun & Cie and Glaeser Textil, Ulm, Germany
2002 - initial operation of the state-of-the-art colour apportioning
2003 - initial operation of our own steam production
2004 - modification of a production line for special products
2005 - Iinitial operation of a production line for synthetic fibres from recycled materials
2007 - Märkische Faser GmbH becomes a 100% subsidiary company of Glaeser Textil, Ulm
2008 -

location of the partner company IKV - Innovative Kunststoffveredelung in order to supply high master-batches
2012 -

celebration of the anniversary, 40 years Grisuten®
10-year-takeover by GLAESER Group
by now around 360 employees
and more than 80 million € turnover

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