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Werksansicht European producer with an international focus
Located west of Berlin right in the heart of New Europe, Märkische Faser GmbH is an European manufacturer of polyester fibres with an international approach.
Märkische Faser holds a unique position in the field of chemical fibres in the world today by combining product innovation with total quality management and customer service. It is our mission to perfectly match our customers’ requirements. As manufacturer of specialized fibres we share the vision of holding an active and responsible position in the global textile industry and to offer outstanding quality and reliable customer service.
Manufacturers of polyester fibers / Speciality: GRISUTEN® - Fibers
The basic principle for our success lies in the ability to combine advanced technology, excellent infrastructure and first-class technical equipment with the best talents of our skilled and experienced employees and to efficiently apply these advantages.
With an average capacity of 55.000 tons, flexible production lines and the strategic advantages of a unique technology as well as acentral geographic location the Märkische Faser is ready to quickly respond to changing market situations and to special demands and requirementsaccording to the just-in-time concept. Excellent products and technical know-how are the basis for our entrepreneurial vision and guarantee swift reaction to changes in the textile industry.

Our GRISUTEN® polyester fibres meet the specifications of a wide range of applications in the German and European textile industry. Our sales and distribution structures have been developed to supply globally operating customers. Thus the Märkische Faser is prepared to meet the highest expectations even in remote regional markets.
Polyester Spezialitäten
Produkt - spundyed
- low pilling
- trilobal
- low shrinkage
- high shrinkage
- flame retardent
- antibacterial
- amorphous / undrawn
- cutting converter tow
Polyester Stapelfaser und Kabel
Produkt - polymer: Virgin
- den fiber: 0,9 – 28,0
- den tow: 1,9 – 6,7
- cutlengh: 32 – 150 mm
- tow strength: 80/100 ktex
- color: white, optical white, black, spundyed
- luster: bright, semidull
- application: spinning, non-woven
- capacity: 40.000 to / Jahr
Polyester Stapelfaser
Produkt - polymer: regenerate
- den: 3,3 – 17,0
- cutlengh: 38 – 80 mm
- color: white, black, spundyed
- application: non-woven
- capacity: 15000 to / Jahr

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